Deer Paths offers “Nurturing Nature” classes

School year and summer programs

We offer full-day nature classes three days per week for ages 3 to 8 years old on 7 beautiful, rustic acres of land in Wendell, MA.

Who are we?

Deer Paths is a 501c3 nonprofit environmental education organization in its fifth year. 

Our class is a small community-oriented group of up to six children. The program offers a homey and natural environment! Great as a  preschool experience, as part of another preschool routine, or as a homeschool class for older children! Each class group is arranged with age ranges and skill levels in mind to create a good learning experience.

What we do?

We spend outdoor time everyday exploring the land and indoor time in a cozy cabin. We explore our stream and forest, care for our flock of  ducks and chickens, make crafts, and sing nature and community building songs. In the spring, we study the birds, plants and vernal pools, and we make maple syrup from our own trees. Summer weather allows us to be outdoors all day typically and to cool down at the stream or pond. In the fall, we explore the colorful changes and often take a fieldtrip to visit a local Alpaca Farm as part of fiber arts studies. In the wintertime, we have a chance to go sledding on our small hills and explore the woodland winter wonders.

It’s homey, hands-on, and fun!

(more about this in the “Deer Paths’ philosophy and mission page”)

Come see our beautiful place!

Caring for our chickens!
Our ducks and stream!
Fieldtrip to Craigeburn Alpaca Farm, Shutesbury, MA